Trying on my wedding dress after 268lb weight loss

fatgirlfedup#tbt to trying my wedding dress on after losing 270lbs & happy endings! My name is Lexi & when I got married I wore a size 34 dress & weighed 485lbs. Dress shopping is supposed to be something every bride enjoys, and for me it was miserable. I couldnt find anything to fit me, people were mean, and I questioned just giving up & buying a online casual dress from Lane Bryant. I always dreamed of feeling like a princess on my wedding day. Thankfully after driving 4+ hours two different times I found my dress & bought it off the rack. My dress was tight, so the fact that i’m now swimmimg in it is still so crazy to me. I felt beautiful in my wedding dress, and it was the best day of my life — no matter what size! Find my weight loss journey on FB/Instagram at Fatgirlfedup or follow my blog at
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20 Responses to Trying on my wedding dress after 268lb weight loss

  1. Russell Flagg says:

    The wedding dress is lovely. You should have it altered to fit you now and do before and after pictures. You look amazing. But you must feel so good to get all that heavy weight off of you.

  2. beautifull407 says:

    How???? I'd love to know your secret 😢😲😲😲

  3. Lala Stidham says:

    oh, you were such a beautiful bride. i'm so glad you still love your dress and understand you were as beautiful then as now. i know you weren't healthy, but you were lovely. you and danny are a beautiful couple.

  4. Ola Ola says:

    You need to take new professional wedding pics or just have another wedding! Congrats for losing all that weight but I would not want to look soooo huge and unhealthy on my wedding day. Good luck

  5. tarek teeko says:

    Wow 😍 i love you 😘❤️🌻🌻🌹🌹🌷🌸💪

  6. Ирина Бондаренко says:

    Господи, даже на таких женятся….капец…

  7. Lauren says:

    You are so inspirational. I’m crying 😭

  8. Copper Rabbit says:

    I'm amazed someone asked you to marry them.

  9. P31 Woman says:

    Congratulations on bettering your health, it’s hard work for sure!

  10. NIDO RANA says:

    Congrats dear

  11. Arpita Das says:

    Hi my wite 90 k.g

  12. jane macp says:

    You look amazing keep up the hard work . Myself I am a 24 and you inspired me to do the same . I have already lost 3.7 lbs using supermarket food and it feels good to loose weight . I look at ur Instagram every morning before I get up . You go girl .

  13. nana ayesha says:

    Pls take ur vows again with a new dress, I just soo happy for you

  14. Ursula Mae says:

    NO one should have been mean or disrespectful to you no matter what you size. I am sorry you had to go through that. Every woman deserves to be treated with respect when purchasing a wedding dress.

  15. Joe Bate says:

    Being on a diet for 3 days know its not long I exercised for the first time in a long time and my legs are hurting but this had made me not want to give up thank u 🙂

  16. Becca Dawson says:

    Well done on the weight loss and congratulations on your wedding. I too had issues with the bridal shops and my mum. One shop didn't even let me in the door as they would not be able to help me. My mum said she was disappointed that I didn't lose weight for the wedding. I actually got bigger with the stress and was a UK 24. Lost weight after. My husband has never seen my size and loved me for being me x

  17. makola1970 says:

    Wow – you’ve worked so hard. Well done x

  18. Nicky Keightley says:

    Big or smaller, you are an inspiration in every way. You're so brave to have lost as much as you did. You're beautiful and so is your dress. Thank you for sharing this video. South Africa

  19. Referring Others says:

    You absolutely AMAZE me! I admire your motivation to reach a goal. You look beautiful before and now. ((hugs))

  20. Heidi says:

    Would you ever get it taken in? I'm not sure if that'd ruin its integrity & your memories. If not, perhaps it'd give you the opportunity to have a vow renewal one day

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