This Doctor Shares The Fastest Way To Lose Weight | TRY IT FOR 3 DAYS!

Try This For 3 Days If You Struggle With Weight Loss!
►Special thanks to Dr. Eric Berg DC for this amazing information.
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20 Responses to This Doctor Shares The Fastest Way To Lose Weight | TRY IT FOR 3 DAYS!

  1. K M says:

    Watching this trying to get motivated for keto again! Horrible Halloween ate 20 pieces. Yesterday started the diet. Feel better, but want to dedicate 20 whole days and see what happens!

  2. sandeep kundi says:

    I watched his vids for a year educated myself about health from the videos and now i know what is going on inside my body. Keto IF down 30kg !!! Weight maintained all year round…your a magician DR BERG!!!

    Thank you for helping us all !!!

  3. Adnan Grebović says:

    A fucking legend !

  4. I S says:

    The video is weird it’s not a typically Dr Berg video. He is awesome.

  5. warren simpson says:

    Great, more excuses for lazy people to blame it on.

  6. life in motion says:

    Hello I am fat and I sleep more than 8 hours for even more with no sleep problems sooo !!! ??

  7. Patience Noelia says:

    This diet regime was such a simple way for me to shed twelve lbs in the short two weeks I have been adhering to it. You should google the "fetching tuti space" to find out more! I have been making use of this one for the last 8 weeks along with CLA. I will always be making use of this program considering the beneficial results it has provided to me..

  8. Ali_ReBORN says:

    This Doctor is Eric Berg btw.

  9. Seamus says:

    If you're serious about being healthy and want to live and say no to fad diets join our community on Facebook!

  10. JarrenFilms says:

    holy shit this helped so much

  11. Destiny Rose says:

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  12. Always Imitated Never Duplicated says:

    I am not lazy. I am hurt. There's a difference. Give me time to lick my wounds.

  13. Samuel Samuel says:

    <><><>Thank you for writing this excellent book and for adding many years to my life. Check this excellent eBook and get its official site and loss weight easily>>>>

  14. praise muregwi says:

    This Workd

    Fitness Assistant – Diet and Fitness Software for PC!

    Fitness Assistant is a complete diet and fitness software for tracking and managing all aspects of nutrition, exercise and training. It is a small download and is quick and easy to install and use.

    Why Use It?

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  15. Just Me says:

    I'm excited to try this…I cannot lose weight FOR ANYTHING, tooooo tired to excercise and crave sugar BIG TIME, just gaining & gaining!!! Dr if you're reading this I had a complete thyroidectomy in 2001 (non- malignant tumor removed & on 150/175mcg synthroid every other day) I am hopeful this will help any hormonal issues! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING OUT SUCH GREAT INFO…ALWAYS!

    Makes such good sense!

  16. Rebecca Becky says:

    Background music is irritating

  17. brenda gnias says:

    Thanks for your compassion on the subject 😏

  18. Tom Cat says:

    Did she Orgasm at 1:08?

  19. Kanchan Patwal says:

    thans u

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