The Truth of Tetanus Injection

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20 Responses to The Truth of Tetanus Injection

  1. Sachin Sharma says:

    Sir mai thoda confuse hun
    Mujhe sir aapse kuchh puchhna hai tetanu ke baare mai sir plz

  2. Sachin Sharma says:

    Fir sir yes tetanus hota kaise hai

  3. MANI Z BIOLOGY says:

    Dear idiot you need to understand a lot … I recommend you to go for kubbay immunology. Go deep inside and you will find answers for you idiotic questions..

  4. SPND Olilne video says:

    Dr sir blood me bacteria vairas heto thik nai hota he kay me abi admed hu haspitl me ho sake mujhe jaldi bata dena thank you

  5. oxourindia says:

    Good job ❤

  6. nivesh gautam says:

    Sir,what is your suggestion about in heart blockge ECP treatment .

  7. Rahul Rahul says:


  8. nitish bhardwaj says:


  9. Nitu Rungta says:

    Sir aap apana pon namber dhigiye

  10. ITZ JoY says:

    Hope to watch full information.. Then Why titenus injection was made for?

  11. Gunday Jiya says:

    Dr.Biswaroop ji please app india ki matru bhasha me video bnao.

  12. Adorable Talent says:

    Sir plz ana positive k liye video banayiye aur sceloderma or bhi

  13. manmohan rawal says:

    Muje aaj chot lagi mene aaj injection lagwaya ….muje 8 din baad fir kisi kiil se chot lagi kya muje injection dobara lagwana chahiye

  14. raghuedanz says:

    Tetanus is caused by a bacteria called clostridium tetani, which releases a toxin called tetenospasmin…. It caused over stimulation of neuro muscular junctions. Over a prolonged course it will cause convulsions / lock jaw / finally respiratory paralysis and death. Tt or tetanus toxoid in a properly vaccinated individual will counter this. And prevent tetanus… In an active tetanus infection tt is not effective and immunoglobulin needs to be given along with supportive measures.. All this this chutiya cannot tell you because he is not a doctor and has no clue how medicine works…. But you ppl follow him nonetheless who cares it's your life. Make it short.

  15. Johann D says:

    anitivax propaganda

  16. Naveen Shakya says:

    Sir, I don't say that you are wrong, but if this is the case that you have said about tetani, than can you please explain what happens when a dog bites to a person, the rabies virus enter the body through bite and still we are given (HDCV) inactivated whole virus. If the person is not given the same he/she dies isn't it. Kindly explain.

  17. nisarg bhatt says:

    Khaa saiye aate hau aap …my question to you ..what's full name of bacteria tetanus?? Answer that…when a lay men start studying medicine…this half knowledge ..for this community ..follow this man … I guarentee to the community or patients ..follow him.. his advice for treatment…Its my guarentee you will be soon at heavens door…
    Mr.biswaroop roy chowdhury , let me explain you at ur IQ ur words .
    IF PERSON , GOT ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT , DONT TREAT THAT PATIENT..NO ITS NOT THE FRACTURE , ITS VEHICLE NEED TO BE TESTED 1ST, that most important…and by the time patient 's disease, further leads to complication and if he or she is dies..let him die and reach heavens door… that's more important as for you dr….there should be strick law implemented for people who spread hoax …in community. ..according to eyes of laws. You should dragged to court spreading lies to general public ..we dnt want ur brain logic keep it in brain…n people , who are following him ..bhagwan aapka bhala kare… still saying guarentee , take his advice n soon will be in heavens door…

  18. Ilovejk says:

    1. You’re not even a real doctor. You’re a PhD.
    2. You’ll result in the death of thousands for your selfish gains.
    Do you have ANY idea how the tetanus vaccine even WORKS?
    I have never heard more ignorance in 5 minutes before

  19. organise with grace says:

    Plsssssss guide me. im not a diabetic.because of lower abdominal pain doctor gave me some tests including hbA1c…my result is 6.8…am i a diabetic…pls tell i m very upset…in reports it is mentioned it should b below thn 5.7 for a normal person

  20. rajiv Rajiv sharma says:

    Logic is simple my mother say tatani injustion protect you if any think happen in next 6 month ….I hear my silf today …your story but I bleve mom story …

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