"The Biggest Product in Shark Tank history"

Bambooee is an amazing product as seen in this video:

Find it online:

Bambooee – The Original Reuseable & Machine Washable Rayon from Bamboo Paper Towel Replacement As Seen on Shark Tank – We plant a tree with every roll we sell – 30-Sheet Roll:

(8 Rolls) Bambooee Sweeps 15-Sheet w/ Scrubbing Dots 11.5 x 10.125″ Sweeper Pads :


Bambooee Scrub Dots Pad SINGLE:

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20 Responses to "The Biggest Product in Shark Tank history"

  1. Gabe Blank says:

    Barbara probably took one big ass deal, got her seat on the show, and hasn’t taken a deal since

  2. Denise Radley says:

    I also need these.

  3. Denise Radley says:

    So, it's a shamwow?

  4. S3NIPES4GODS says:

    Jesus she shouldn’t be let him be taking the main part of the pitch I can barely understand him. I think he said bambuiee and bone dry

  5. Its Sariahh says:

    "BuT wAiT tHeRe'S mOrE!!"

  6. Sebastian Rohde says:


  7. David Ozeruga says:

    Who in the world washes paper towels?

  8. Waseem says:

    His eye brows are now behind his head 😂😂😂

  9. Wally Pathway says:

    Kevin is always the one saying something’s a bad idea then it goes on to becoming a multi million dollar company

  10. Kazat0 says:

    Wow, so environmentally friendly let's kill all the pandas' food

  11. Kazat0 says:

    Gotta hand it to him he was an amazing salesmen and didn't even flinch when they were mocking him so aggressively

  12. KingParisBuckingham says:

    The guy nearly lost the deal still asking other sharks to bid…bozo

  13. MarvinMfz says:

    Jokes on them.. Ill be using the bambooe to wipe my hot acidic diarreah then rinse it right off in the sink.. then when thats clean I'll use it as a napkin.

  14. MarvinMfz says:

    Is this guy the voice actor for Octane in Apex Legends? 😂

  15. Darlyne Demoiselle says:

    And this is why men need a wife. She is smart. The man could've lost all opportunities trying to shop around.

  16. Grant Garcia says:

    Is he the guy that voiced Chappie 🤔🤔🤔

  17. Foxworthall1 says:


  18. Ngo Wayyy says:

    Humans are lazy. It's whatever is the cheapest and the most convenient. We buy and use more plastic water bottles than even consider using reusables, we use and litter countless plastic bags over baskets/reusable bags, plastic utensils > silverware in fast food industries, you guys get the point. Tbh we're trashing the earth and majority of the sharks wouldn't care, they are all in for the money. Frankly I wouldn't care as well because I'll be dead by the time the people fuck up the earth to destruction. If I could get my hands on company like Bounty or Charmin over these Bamboo towels, I'll be lasting longer in the paper towel company. Great pitch and all but not the biggest product on shark tank unless this product can wipe my ass and magically have the blood stain and stank go away. If that happens, shut up and take my money, I kinda need it right now cause Im on the toilet because of dat spoicy cHimIChanGa.

  19. Kyxnite says:

    This man could sell sun-tan lotion to an Ethiopian.

  20. Iman Nasser says:

    This guy can sell condoms to a nun, house insurance to a homeless guy and running shoes to a paraplegic

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