The Best Feed For Pigs Being Raised For Butcher. Fast weight gain. Happy Pigs!

Thinking about raising pigs for butcher? The first thing you ask yourself is what will I feed them to get the best and fastest results. You really can not beat this mixture. Fast weight gain and the pigs love it. Happy pigs means happy pork chops!

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20 Responses to The Best Feed For Pigs Being Raised For Butcher. Fast weight gain. Happy Pigs!

  1. Neil Allen says:

    Great idea!! Watching them eat makes me realizes how greedy and selfish they are!! They really don’t care about one another. They just want theirs and that’s it!! And pigs aren’t as clean as peta writes about. Yeah they don’t poop or piss in their beds but that doesn’t make them clean. They get dirt into their food and don’t care I’ve seen them drink each other’s urine and eat each other’s poop and people that keep their pigs in their house your house is always filled with mud from when the pigs are playing outside. But they are damn good to eat. And they reproduce so fast. Pigs really are the perfect food especially in an apocalypse situation. Even in a normal situation it seems like they are just bred to be food for humans and other animals

  2. mark repovich says:

    That is awesome!! I am a 5 gallon bucket guy. But, I use one of the portable cement mixers.

  3. savagex466 says:

    What do you mean if they lived on concret you would need mineral ? you dont add mineral because they live in dirt ? im noob but id love to raise pigs down the road ! please anyone help thanks nice animals you have

  4. Trevor Lowe says:

    Where do you get cracked corn and soybean meal, having a hard time finding it around here.

  5. TellitlikeitisO says:

    Yes feed them pig feed , just go buy already made pig feed at the feed store , and say you don’t need minerals because they are on dirt, not sure but they need salt ,and you can’t get that from the earth.

  6. Mark Thompson says:

    That 2 gallon bucket really looks more like a 3 gallon bucket.

  7. Antonio Goncalves says:

    Can pigs be raised just on assorted vegetables inc pumpkin ?

  8. Jeremy Ksor says:

    Very beautiful animals, do they not break the fence and run away?

  9. S H says:

    Soak your feed with water for at least 24-hours before feeding we'll also help them digest their feed a lot better

  10. Joey Dixon says:

    My pigs are in sand do they still need the minerals??

  11. Zach Winn says:

    Shhhhh I got my neighbor bufflaoed on mow my pigs grow fast and look good. That's what feed corn soy and pig vitamin.

  12. magnus berg says:

    dont tell me they get vitamin i and minerals from the soil yes they get FE mostly that whats happen when you dont buy pig feed soya protein corn starch get fat dont understand people like you must be a reason why farmers buy good feed for there animals ok you not a farmer

  13. GreenBoy at GA Farms says:

    We get are feed from the back field mostly corn on the cobb in the winter and veggies in the summer not to mention good ol [cooked] sloop they like that the best. And man they have no problem getting big😂. But good video and where are there tails at is it the bread?

  14. Keith Robertsdahl says:

    Those pigs are nowhere close to what u think they weigh, where did u research the nutritional requirements? Must have found a book at Walmart.

  15. Rebel's Repair says:

    interesting about the soybean meal; your pigs have their feet in the trough which in my case my pigs leave lots of feed uneaten when it's "soiled". i use a deep hanging fence type feeder, one for each pig. it's deep and don't spill out and waste food and they can't get their feet in while feeding.

  16. Bookie Anderson says:

    I feed my pigs expired twinkies and I'm able to send them to the slaughterhouse at 4 months old

  17. Pelomalo says:

    Worked a deal with a lunch truck company we use to pick up all leftover food ,donuts , pastries , milk etc. Fattened those suckers overnight it seemed like . We'd give them some feed and stuff from garden but for the most part was lunch truck food.

  18. newt13 spacerider says:

    hi, if you added their weight ( 940-950 divided by 3= 315-316) do you know how much they eat in 1 day or 1 week? I'm trying to figure out how much a 100 herd of 5-600 lb pigs would need to eat each day, to be healthy, happy, and maintain their weight. Does anyone know?

  19. Richard Raucina says:

    Your feeders are a real waste of feed – add some boards across the trough top and divide it so they can only get a head in and one in a hole. Then that box feeder is just not working at all. Tilt it back, raise it up, get gravity on your side. Finally, SOAK that corn in a seperate barrel and just sprinkle your protein over or in your bucket when taking it to the feeder. Try biting into dry cracked corn, and then into it after 3 days soak. You will see why your pigs will grow 2x faster and keep their teeth. Soaking and a partial lactic acid bacteria fermentation can double the protein and digestibility of the feed. With that many pigs you will halve your feed costs by going to a small milling operation and getting 1000 pounds of premix. Here, corn is 22 cents in a bag and 9 – 11 cents in your bin or their tote bag. I am wondering what keeps your pigs in that pen! Mine would be down the road in a heartbeat.

  20. NJ_DRIVE says:

    What could you use in place of soy?

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