RICH PIANA PCT discussed with Ric Drasin

RICH AND RIC discuss post cycle therapy and what works and what doesn’t Honest opinions never revealed before. This is a good one!!!!!

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20 Responses to RICH PIANA PCT discussed with Ric Drasin

  1. nikto45 says:

    I miss Rich Piana. He always came across as a straight shooter.

  2. Blayne Allen says:

    The honesty 🇦🇺🇺🇸✝️

  3. john borea says:

    Good man . very truthful! Looked good , but you see what coke will do to do you? Remove the blow and he would look good in 2 months!! RIP !

  4. JDilla2812 says:

    RIP Rich, Love it

  5. Knob Job says:

    I noticed most of the weight lost after cycle was mostly water weight and bloat. Strength and intensity stuck around, but I felt was less bloated.

  6. Knob Job says:

    I always ran hcg while on cycle, and there was a lot less lag and slump once I hit pct. A lot of people say don't do that, but it worked for me. It didn't take hardly any time to bounce back my normal test. I also know guys who have no problems having no pct at all, so…*shrug*

  7. Knob Job says:

    Damn a Rich Piana video…rip my man…

  8. jorge fernandez says:

    A great video then, and a GREAT video now!

  9. jay tee says:

    this video gave me my bro science phd, thanks guys. RIP RIch – i guess it is true what the old, insecure fuck is saying – steroids really do make you better off!!! faggot

  10. Imports are gay riced fagmobiles says:

    Rich knew his shit, all the research that I've done on steroids is exactly what Rich said about them! RIP Rich!

  11. Solaris says:

    i wanted to know about hcg 250mg eod on cycle one week on three off…..stopped with test two weeks before pct 20mg nolva 50mg clomid 25mg proviron daily for 4 weeks and………… 0,25mg arimidex 2 or 3 times weekly for oestrogen control on cycle stopped when you start pct,,,,nolva ect,,,,,,rich piani rest in peace

  12. Slim says:

    rich piana off steroids..aka 1 gram of test and 200mg of tren..instead of the 2 grams of test and 1 gram of tren

  13. El Guapo says:

    Yep, it made him huge. They probably had to make him a huge coffin, too. Lost my best friend to that shit and a few other friends, too. Stay away from all that shit, folks. Too many guys too concerned with their looks and it ends up taking them out at a young age. So sad. And before anybody says it's because "they didn't know what they were doing", Rich looked like he knew what he was doing, didn't he? He sounds like he knows what he was doing, here. You don't know what to do, you don't always know what you're getting, and it DOES kill you. Be safe out there. RIP Rich.

  14. Gareth Brown says:

    …and then you died

  15. 李力 says:


  16. Mike Knight says:


  17. sharoz4 says:

    piana looking healthy in this video wtf.

  18. Augasta Roma says:

    One bodybuilder dies and people scream blody murder. 58 triathlonists die a year and world does not notice. I guess notoriety does matter😁

  19. Mike King says:

    Yea… take steriods like this…. I am no longer here though.

  20. john Ward says:

    R.I.P rich

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