Phentermine 37.5(mg) My Weight Loss in 2 Days!

Phentermine 37.5(mg) My Weight Loss in 2 Days!

I went to the Doctor and was prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg for weight loss. I had only taken it for 2 days when i weighed myself and discovered that i lost 8 pounds! I did no workouts, just took the pill. Began at 250Ibs and 2 days later i was 242Ibs.
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20 Responses to Phentermine 37.5(mg) My Weight Loss in 2 Days!

  1. Pao Mendez says:

    I took one today but I got the same feelings as you.. Thanks for the comments

  2. Rachel Reals says:

    I started taking this couple weeks ago my appetite is gone. I feel like I'm losing weight fast. It's crazy!n I took alot of diet pills!but this is great

  3. أمير علي Ameer Ali says:

    2013 what is your weight now?
    I'm from the future.🧟‍♂

  4. Danielle Stevens says:

    I started today but my doc told me to take half for two weeks

  5. Brittnee Barron says:

    Are you still loseing weight from this ?

  6. Toni Valez says:

    This is my second time taking this medicine. First time doc only prescribed half a pill because i was taking metformin as well i lost a total of 21 pounds over a two month period hardly exercised due to physical constraints but i did change my eating habits. I kept weight off for a yr. It slowly crept back up on me, went to doctor on Thurs after work started apidex Friday morning got on scale Sunday and lost 5 pounds. Key is what you eat with this medication. When you take it take before you eat breakfast eat something without sugars and fats etc. So i eat 2 boiled eggs and cup of fruit. Drink lots of water to flush your system out. If hungry eat something healthy like a serving of steamed veggies no corn or potatoes or other starch or a lite can of soup that has small calories and very low sodium. I even found eating a spoonful of peanut butter would curb slight hunger. Hope this helps. Oh be careful can cause insomnia and burts of energy at wrong times so you want to take in the morning!😀

  7. Chelsea Cummings says:

    U know i don't know if it's the lighting in your video or not but u have very nice and smooth skin u look really pretty. What do u do to keep the skin on your face smooth looking?

  8. IslandBarbie420 says:

    I just started my weight loss journey and was prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg. I experienced a burst of energy and dry mouth. I appreciate this video so much. I worked out and ate right and STILL didn't lose weight. I can't wait to see how much weight I lose…

    Keep going on your weight journey!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  9. Alexandria Michelle says:

    I just started taking it. The first two days I was soooo thirsty I couldnt stop drinking water. Im only taking one pill per day. 3rd day it regulated and now im not that thirsty

  10. C.K. Nelson says:

    It work. Eat right and small. Drink water. Pop cookies and apple sauce is not worth your beautiful body

  11. Jess pratt says:

    What all did you eat in those two days? If you don't mind me asking because I just got the pills the other day it's been 2 days now and then I got the B12 shots

  12. Skepnohalo6dblade says:

    Can i buy phentermine 37.5 mg without a doctor?

  13. savage39 says:

    I wonder if they work better If you snort them ____________👃🏻⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ LoL

  14. Katy Colfort says:

    bonjour pouvez vous me dire ou vous avez acheter phentermine je suis domicilier en france merci

  15. André P says:

    I recently lost 15 lbs with this 2 weeks diet .You must try it! i want to share this secret with everyone!! find the details in

  16. Bernice Gore says:

    I started Phentermine 37.5 today I'm not hungry at all .

  17. Carol Turner says:

    From a buddy of mine applied this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to drop 12 pounds, I actually figured out a lot about it. We googled “sowo amazing plan” and so should you.

  18. Jessie Brugger says:

    I tried this diet plan myself after seeing how my friend benefited as a result. Actually, I`ve dropped 13 and a half lbs. Google “sowo hope site”. This really was a life transformer for me and I feel so much healthier.

  19. OILFIELD MAN says:

    Damm girl I think you are FINE!

  20. taiboo wolf says:

    I take that and it do not work for me I don't know why

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