Part 2– Day 12 Pounds AND Inches!

I am down 13 pounds in 12 days so far… Stalling a bit, but the inch loss…. oh My!!! My plans for the future for conquering food addiction. Hugs to you all!
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14 Responses to Part 2– Day 12 Pounds AND Inches!

  1. mycharmedlife1 says:

    What do you eat on p2? I'm so bored with same thing

  2. Shannon Troncoso says:

    I am SO glad I found your VLOG! So many of your thoughts resonated with me. Ugh. The struggle over food and emotional eating is so real for me. Big hugs. You are amazing.

  3. DTWright323 says:

    Just started another round – even though I swore I'd never do it again. My son went to Heaven at 18 weeks pregnant and the weight hasn't budged since April.
    Only on VLCD 2 but feel great. BP coffee has saved my mornings!!!

    You look fabulous!!!

  4. Givingitmyall2011 says:

    Sounds like a plan : )  I usually started my P3's just upping portions of P2 food for the first week of or so of P3 and then added in a few things in.  Def…listened to my body and how something made me feel because I love the cleaner feeling in life in general all around… mind not constantly thinking food…… health : ) Hugs and love

  5. Danielle McAlwee says:

    I love you sharing!!! Being honest and vulnerable!!!! You make me think !!!!!!! You inspire people!!!!!!!! I am the same with water!!!!!! I wish I craved water!!!!

  6. Donna Simo says:

    I'm like that with water too. I've tried so many things to push myself too.

  7. Donna Simo says:


  8. TinkerbelleToes2010 says:

    This was such an inspirational vlog. I especially can relate to the yo-yo dieting mentality. Maintaining once the weight is off seems to be one of life's challenges. That light feeling you get on HCG is unlike any other ketogenic diet. You feel great and have so much energy. Happy to see you successfully taking back control and figuring it all out. High five girl!

  9. zzChickiezz says:

    This is it we're in it to WIN IT!

  10. It's Me Riki says:

    You are gorgeous as always! THIS …IS…IT !! I am with you girl, this is my last vial of hcg and I won't be ordering any more!!

  11. itsShanaJaye says:

    First of all you look really pretty! Ok, so about continuing p2 foods, I think that's a great idea. You're right about the feeling being different, with the stricter foods than when re-introducing p3 foods. You may be on to something here! Thx for the food for thought. 🙂

  12. mjgoingwithin says:


  13. StephanieHCG says:

    YOU LOOK SMALLER! Gorgeous!!! Your smile is contagious and your words are motivating!!! Thank You!!! <3

  14. MightyMouse Lisa says:

    That makes sense to me! I like that idea and it's worth a try. You'll need to still vlog and share your progress with that. Hugs to you!

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