Nutritional Advice : How Do I Improve HCG Levels?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, has made its ways into fad diets and weight-loss treatments, but people who try to boost their HCG levels with fad diets or injections would do better to simply exercise more and consume fewer calories. Discover the truth about HCG in this free nutritional advice video.

Expert: Charlotte Lawson
Bio: Charlotte Lawson, a licensed and registered dietitian and nutritionist, works with the Florida Department of Health’s nutrition division as a senior public health nutritionist.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Get nutritional advice on subjects ranging from healthy weight loss and balanced diets, to how to get your cholesterol under control. This free video series features practical tips and valuable insights from a professional dietitian and nutritionist.

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8 Responses to Nutritional Advice : How Do I Improve HCG Levels?

  1. Crypto Saiyan says:

    Males use it to turn their balls back on after steroid use.

  2. PLUSH PAL’ says:

    My Hcg is lower than 0.5 ?

  3. ANJU RAJU says:

    My hcg is 29. 64 and am 7 days of missed period. Is it normal. Plss reply me…

  4. Prabal Pandit says:

    My hcg lavel is 10.55 in 5weak.plz tell me m i pregnant??

  5. Festus Okenwa says:


  6. Rios Moodie says:

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  7. Sindhuja M says:

    My hcg level is 0.9 on 1 St day delay of period.could it increases

  8. Esta Jenkins says:

    To learn more about pregnant plan “-3 fetching tavu tamvano” (Google it), go to Google. At the age of forty-four, I managed to get over my big infertility problem. When I discovered that my period was delayed, I am full of exhilaration. I am now going to go through maternity and parenthood.

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