Nick Symmonds: Fueling America's Fastest Man at 800m

During a typical day of training, Nick Symmonds eats and burns nearly 5,000 calories. Take a glimpse into the diet of an Olympic Athlete.

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20 Responses to Nick Symmonds: Fueling America's Fastest Man at 800m

  1. Anthony Watkins says:

    The title of this video is misleading. Symmonds has never been America's fastest man at 800m. Duane Solomon beat Symmonds in his fastest race. Then there is American record holder Johnnie Gray.

  2. Baker4life777 says:

    He seems like he would be a frat boy

  3. Kenneth Coleman says:

    @Ally VergaraĀ eating 4-5 times a day is for if you want to bulk up in muscle and get bigger. That's probably why it wasn't working for you. Nick eats big mealsĀ twice a day and then snacks here and there in between meals. Also when you eat and how many times you eat a day has NOTHING to do with seeing definition or seeing gains in general. So maybe you're getting confused. Meal intake and such has more of a result on how you get bigger and how MUCH bigger you get. Of all the muscle groups abs has the least to do with that. Like I like to tell my athletes as long as you monitor what you eat and are maintaining consistent cardio your abs will show. The only reason why you probably didn't see the ab results is because you were eating too much. Maybe someone incorrectly told you to get abs and a hot body you have to eat so much….that's wrong the whole 4-5 times a day thing is if you want to bulk up like a football player or a body builder.

  4. riri brown says:

    what do you do to trail

  5. Cuerdas de la Pasion says:

    I'm digging that Endurox R4 on top of the fridge!

  6. JudyHaJr says:

    Haha, the right shoukder remark made me crack..though it took me couple of seconds to connect all the dots.. :DD

  7. WesleytheBear says:

    i read somewhere that eating only like 1 or 2 meals a day can make your body more efficient or something….

  8. Paul Paukel says:

    Yes he's pigging out on Taco Bell that's Rudisha's secret.

  9. TheScrumpulus says:


  10. blueC says:


  11. Wild Outdoor Living says:

    When this video was put out he was, also .82 to .95 does not equal "tore his PR up!!"

  12. linglingjr says:

    what? I hate eating food right after doing a work out, I have to wait like half an hour at least.

  13. masaru osada says:

    tht tuna sandwich looks sooo good!

  14. Ally Vergara says:

    oh there is a professional basketball player or sprinter on youtube who was interviewed and said he eats only once a day, and that is at dinner he has all his calories. I have to find it and I can send you the link

  15. Ally Vergara says:

    plus it's so nice not having to track the time to eat every 3 hours and make 4-5 meals.

  16. Ally Vergara says:

    yea I fell for the 4-5 meals a day thing, and I did lose some weight/trim nicely. But now doing 2-3 meals a day and eating breakfast in the afternoon I'm seeing more ab definition with less cardio. The smaller you make your eating window the more efficient your body can burn fat, than eating so often and spiking insulin.

  17. Ally Vergara says:

    well most people when they see they eat 1 or 2 meals a day they are most likely referring to eating 2 BIG meals. You would condense your calories down to 2 meals a day instead of 4-5 which means a lot more food to eat in one sitting. It's getting pretty popular now that way of eating. (look up "Leangains" and "Warrior Diet")

  18. Lucky Lovan says:

    Dang 2 meals! That's nuts!

  19. Lucky Lovan says:

    I'm not crazy about pop but Dr. Pepper is a the only pop I'll drink if I drink pop.

  20. peter domingo says:

    I wish you, all the best for the olympic, a medal; thanks again for sharing so many aspect of your life, especially that fishing day, what a catch.

    focus, you will reach your dream at london.

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