Metabolism Diet | Lose Weight in 13 days | Grocery Haul | South African Youtuber

On another crash diet, please consult your doc before doing this diet I don’t know if they are for anyone but I know they work for me. It said if this diet is followed in a streaked manner, you should lose 9kg and more. #LoseWeight #MetaDiet #GettingBackInShape #Fitness #Healthyliving #Lifestyle #GroceryHaul #SouthAfricanYoutubers #MetabolismDiet #Crashdiet #LoseWeightIn13days #MetaPlan

Watch Potato Crash Diet –
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13 Responses to Metabolism Diet | Lose Weight in 13 days | Grocery Haul | South African Youtuber

  1. Wen Da says:

    Me im doing water diet and so far it boost my metabolism , thanks for sharing this lose weight in 13 days

  2. Thato Kgware says:

    Big ups on the 200 subbies💃💃💃 whoop whopp!!!!

  3. Lucia Palma Del Moral says:

    Hiii!!! I loved the video you made and I enjoyed it so much!! You have a lot of talent, keep making videos!! And you are so cute as well 🙂 You have definately a new suscriber here! I would love if you suscribe to mine as well so we can support each other 🙂

  4. Cali Masih says:

    Hola ! New here 🙂 ! Just subbed ! Your very entertaining 🎊😆 it be really awesome if we could show love & support each other 💕☺️

  5. Linda Klingberg fd Jörgensen says:

    Interesting chanel! Will look at all your videos 🙂

  6. Matthew Thomas says:

    I definitely need this channel, I need a better healthy living !!!!

  7. Alexandra Salesman says:


    You're under some pressure to make sure you got this, haha.

  8. Emkayel says:

    I want to gain weight, but i gained some knowledge🔥

  9. Raniyah Anwar says:

    I have to try this for sure..great video💓

  10. Rachel’s On YouTube says:

    Congratulations on the subs, girly! You’re making great progress on YouTube ❤️

  11. Lefa Manyama says:

    Please take pictures of your progress each month for 6 months them show us an update. Love your videos.

    Congrats on 200 subbies👏👏

  12. Brown Star says:

    Keep us posted I will be following if it worked

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