Keto Diet Results Week 2 – 🔥 Weight Loss Update + Progress Pics 🔥

My keto diet results for week 2 are in!!! This is my second week on the ketogenic diet so I’m still a beginner but I am loving it so far and am excited to share my weight loss update (and progress photos!!!).

Earlier in 2018 I set a goal to lose twenty pounds. After reading about how many people of successfully lost weight on the keto diet, I’ve decided to try it. In this video I give a play by pay of each day of my first week on the keto diet.

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20 Responses to Keto Diet Results Week 2 – 🔥 Weight Loss Update + Progress Pics 🔥

  1. Chelle Stephens says:

    I think for keto, be sure to watch your calorie intake, even if you are following the keto rules. Also, DO NOT FAST. It slows down your metabolism.

  2. LIFE RENU says:

    I have researched on keto and got a satisfying result. Keto is really awesome.

  3. Ketofication says:


  4. Alexandra Pockoski says:

    what is the recipe for that chai coffee you were talking about? that sounds amazing! I am back on keto for the third time (third time is a charm) first time i lost 14 pounds in 1 month, the second time I did it was kind of half-assed but still dropped about 12 pounds. I am back on it now, started yesterday, down 2 pounds and really inspired to stick with it for a long haul this time!

  5. Moon Mina says:

    I am in day number 02 yeyyyyyyyy

  6. Mollie Rose says:

    I'm trying this, good golly

  7. Mr. Cagna says:

    Week 2, 15 pounds

  8. Maria Ko says:

    This is so inspirational!

  9. Snakemixtapes says:

    Do you need to take the pills with the diet too or no

  10. V.L.D Chronicles says:

    I recently started the keto diet, before i had lost 30 pounds on my own the traditional way and i have like 15 or 10 more pounds to lose but ive been maintaining it so im trying to burnit off asap. Its day 2 of keto and im gonna do it for 5 weeks and hopefully i lose all the weight by then,
    also for some reason im really really sore and idk if thats normal? ive also had thee worst headaches in the world and idk if thats normal for beginner keto dieters

  11. ΛCΞ says:

    Anyone wanna do this with me so I’m motivated lol

  12. Melo Jones says:

    Dose dis keto help u lose fat off yo body if I mix it with ACV I drink

  13. Flacalove83 Mendez says:

    I have not done the keto diet looking to eat not interested. You can still eat what you want but I'm not with the cheese,milk no rice sugars but you can still lose weight I still eat my fruits my carrots protein are good and vegetables any vegetable. I lost 10 pounds in a month keto is to strict. And it doesn't work for everyone.

  14. Jin the car door guy says:

    At what age is it safe to consume these pills? My friend wants to buy them and we’re 15 but I’m telling her it might not be safe 🙁

  15. Summer Pimentel says:

    You are so gorgeous and sweet. I’m starting keto tomorrow 🙂 doing my meal prep tonight.

  16. Desi Life says:

    I’ve loss weight in the past but I was always hungry. It wasn’t really a sustainable diet so I picked the weight back up. I’m going to try your Keto and see if I have better success with it.

  17. Eli D.B. says:

    Hi Tasha, I loved your video. Can you please add you bullet drink recipe to your description? I’d love to try it. I’ve been on Keto for about 5 weeks now and I just love it. I can relate to so many of the things you said.😂 Keep up the good work, you are doing great. 🙌🏽

  18. Jill Johnson says:

    Can you have tomatoes and peppers on your salads?

  19. Rouge Peach says:

    Everyone with their success stories of losing weight with keto. Meanwhile, I'm here and I think I've gained more weight. Any advice?

  20. G-wiz exiled says:

    Could u do what u eat in a day video

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