Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Video 2

Jenny's hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience - Video 2

Im in the first stage of the HCG SlimXpress Tacoma Weight Loss program. Weighing in at 232 pounds was sobering. I cant believe I let myself get to this point.
This first stage of the HCG Diet means I can eat without restriction. What an unbelievable idea. I started a rapid weight loss program but today I eat pancakes for breakfast, cheeseburger with fries for lunch and dinner with ice cream twice for snack and dessert. I think Im in heaven. The calorie load has something to do with the HCG injections and fat.

However tomorrow reality hits. Ill be on a 1000 calorie restricted diet. This will require commitment and attention to my eating habits. Old patterns die hard. But I am motivated and HCG SlimXpress, Tacoma weight loss program with the rapid weight loss benefit using HCG injections is exactly what I need: rapid weight loss for motivation, and seeing a slimmer me will help re-program my old eating habits.

Come back every day and I will keep you posted, Jenny

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  1. Andriy Troyan says:

    Hi! I'm Justin.I did -15 lbs past two months.Open

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