Is Human Growth Hormone the Fountain of Youth or a Dangerous Drug?

Professional athletes are banned from using human-growth hormone because it is a performance-enhancing drug. It’s the same substance Peyton Manning has denied using after Al Jazeera accused that HGH was delivered to his wife in a controversial documentary. Endocrinologist Dr. Stuart Weinerman told INSIDE EDITION it’s not uncommon for women to use HGH, due to claims of its anti-aging effects. But using HGH may have a dark side; Weinerman says the side effects of HGH are not fully researched.
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20 Responses to Is Human Growth Hormone the Fountain of Youth or a Dangerous Drug?

  1. Pewfia says:

    1:35 dr. Stewart Weinerman

  2. HGH RAW POWDER says:

    This guy is famous on the youtube.

  3. Hubian Hubhub says:

    So he takes growth hormones but his hair has not change since his 50s? Why is that?

  4. Edward Earlelrick says:

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  5. Jordan Fletcher says:

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  6. redtroika says:

    Get HGH in Mexico and save $$$

  7. stuckinstuff 1 says:

    Using testosteron/estrogen along with hgh when you age is ok. Just as long as you use natural amounts. I think the average amount for a 25 year old is probably perfect, alot of these people use a harmful amount.

  8. HGH RAW POWDER says:

    He is 73 years old, looks amazing.

  9. Chris Calo says:

    Suzanne summers is trannsgende

  10. Chris Calo says:

    Inside edition is a Jew run disinformation syop

  11. Youtube Life says:

    No one is natural in America they're all fake

  12. Enoch Richards says:

    The hgh can release in the brain naturally. You fast food, zero good for two days only water. Work out while fasting at the end of the fast before eating. You boost hgh. Want facts? Look how we evolved as humans, we were starving and working hard often. This is why it works for you aswell. No food and work out

  13. fitness supplements says:

    This all-natural stagnation has actually triggered a rate of interest being used artificial human growth bodily hormone (HGH) as a means to avoid a few of the improvements connected to getting older.

  14. Jj Chen says:

    I dont think Dean Cain was on steroids

  15. Jj Chen says:

    Truth. Lots of guys arent honest about drug usage. But I dont blame them since its still considered illegal. If the govt ever gets rid of its drug laws. More people would come out about it. Kind of like gay people.

  16. Danny Rustrian says:

    Foo 69 is old

  17. Mike S says:

    I wonder what his dose is?

  18. Slobodan Gligorijevic says:

    There is NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

  19. Camsfitness says:

    At least he's honest about it.

  20. Bicebolje Hocekurac says:

    Respekt he Talks the trueht

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