How to Get Your Weight Gain Hormones Under Control

Why can’t you lose weight? It’s hard to imagine that our weight depends not only on the number of calories we consume but also on some invisible chemicals inside us. In fact, hormones influence our metabolic processes and command our body to store fat or to stop gaining it.

We at Bright Side want our viewers to be more knowledgeable when it comes to our bodies, especially if this knowledge helps us to become healthier and more beautiful. There is a surprise at the end of the video that will help you achieve the best results in no time. Do not miss out on it!

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Insulin 0:57
Cortisol 1:30
Leptin 2:02
Thyroid hormones 2:35
What should you eat?
Avoid strict diets 3:02
Lose weight gradually 3:36
Eat foods with a low glycemic index 4:11
Avoid fast carbs 4:36
Bonus 4:56

– Insulin provides us with energy, but it also collects and stores fat. If insulin is high, your body will store fat.
– Cortisol slows down the metabolism to preserve more energy. If you have high cortisol levels in your blood, you will gain weight.
– When your leptin level is low, your appetite increases and your body tends to store excess food as fat. Very often, the level of this hormone becomes reduced because of sleep deprivation. That’s why getting enough sleep is so important.
– Thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) are produced by the thyroid gland, and their primary function is to induce lipolysis. If you have low thyroid hormones in your body, you are likely to gain weight.
– When you don’t eat regularly, your body thinks it is starving and takes energy from muscle and tissue while trying to conserve fat. As a result, you can gain weight even if you eat only once a day.
– Losing weight slowly is much better for your body and far more sustainable in the long haul. If you want to become slimmer, maintain a small calorie deficit.
– You should eat foods that are less likely to contribute to elevated levels of insulin in your body. These are products which have a low glycemic index (GI), a number that indicates the food’s effect on a person’s blood glucose level.
– Avoid fast carbohydrates and eat foods rich in proteins and fiber instead. They help you feel full quicker and thus you won’t overeat.
– If you’re a physically active person, you need to replenish your sugar supply every day. Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training is the most efficient in enhancing insulin sensitivity.
– If you prefer training with moderate reps and loads, then you’ll need to spend 1 to 1.5 hours in a gym.
– When you finish exercising, your body will continue to burn extra calories throughout the day — even when you sleep! It is also a good idea to consume a shake containing carbs and proteins during your workout.

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20 Responses to How to Get Your Weight Gain Hormones Under Control

  1. WWEE Network-Wellness says:

    I did everything she mentioned in this video plus added cortisol and serotlnin balancing nutritional supplements from and in less than 30 days of their risk free money back guarantee trial..I waa seeing amazing results in weight loss, belly loss especially…sleeping and eating well…it seems too good to be true because this is the first time anything have worked for me at age 57 and in full blown menopause

  2. Abhiram Bhat says:

    Next time ,
    Please on how to gain weight

  3. Meiger Spadez says:

    Video starts at 3:01

  4. Foot4ll AJ says:

    I’m short so it makes me look fatter then I actually am :/

  5. Ama ze says:

    Summer is the cause…….

  6. dgbjnrch says:

    This video is for menopausal women, right.?

  7. Jannah Sweetie says:

    Keep calm and eat 🍦🍦🍦!

  8. Kay Perez says:

    how can you just your hormone levels do you ask your doctor??

  9. Kay Perez says:

    how do you know your hormones are off?

  10. waves of colors Ramisha says:

    how to get smaller lips?

  11. Deborah Maragopoulos FNP says:

    Here's another great video on Hormonal Weight Gain:

  12. Dao An says:

    Well, it's time for more chips

  13. Kaylie's Music says:

    Actually if you don’t eat at least 2,000 calories a day you’re metabolism will slow down and you won’t lose weight it slows down cause it thinks your starving

  14. StormyHotWolf88 says:

    with each video I watch, the more confused I get.

  15. Khadija Azuwaji Awadh says:


  16. Aleena Sandra says:

    I'm pretty sure the narrator is from TheTalko…..

  17. underTheRadar says:

    i hate thighgaps stop diating for no reason

  18. Pinkcupcake 110845 says:

    is it okay to do these exercises while on your period?

  19. Bahaari TV says:

    Drinking protein shake made me gain 4 kg… I would never ever lift weights or drink it again

  20. Jikook's wedding planner says:

    Me: Great video.
    Also me: Takes out container of ice cream and a bag of lays to watch another video.

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