How To Get your Hormones Into “Weight-Loss” Mode And Melt Away Fat | ALL ABOUT YOUR HEALTH

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How To Get your Hormones Into “Weight-Loss” Mode And Melt Away Fat

The main chemical messengers that control the body functions are the hormones. Estrogen and testosterone are the main sex hormones in females and males, but there are many other hormones in our body which control its functions.
In order to maintain your health at higher level, you should know how hormones work. For instance, there are hormones that control hunger and weight loss and they are called insulin, lepton and cortical. You can boost the hormones associated with controlling hunger and losing weight by developing certain habits.
Many people relate insulin to diabetes which is due to it determining if the blood sugar is used for immediate energy or stored fat. What you consume and how you consume it directly affects the insulin levels. Great amount of insulin is produced due to the consumption of too many carbs, and as a result, the cells are not able to absorb it and the liver converts it to fat. If you want to control your insulin levels, you should eat small meals that include high fiber grains, vegetables and lean meats every 2-3 hours. On the other hand, you should avoid or even eliminate white pasta, highly processed foods, bread and white sugar.
Cortical which is known as the stress hormone affects the blood sugar. It also regulates the metabolism, and controls salt and water balance. For instance, when you are under some kind of stress, the cortisol encourages the body to store fat around the vital organs. As a result, this process releases dangerous fatty acids into the blood and then raises both cholesterol and insulin levels. Make sure to take a walk during your lunch break, in order to control levels of cortiosol, but also cut down caffeine, eat slowly and sleep minimum 7 hours.

Leptin is yet another hormone which is also known as the hunger hormone and it is directly linked to body fat and obesity. It is released from fat cells. It is very powerful since it can affect the time of your body that requires to feel satiated on the long term. In order to keep it under control, you will need to avoid the consumption of sugary and processed foods, be more physically active and get full night rest.

How your meals should look like?.

You should eat small meals every 2-3 hours and they should consist of healthy fats, veggies and lean proteins. Beside healthy meals, you should also sleep 7-9 hours per night and stay away from processed and sugary foods. Lead a healthy life by controlling your weight and hunger hormones.
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  1. Sugarfree Healthy Recipes : G's Veg Keto Khazana says:

    Check out Dr Eric Berg and Dr Jason Fung videos for weight loss.Low carb and ketogenic diet is great for fat loss and Type II diabetes . Do some research about it. Do check my low carb good fats good protein veg ketogenic diet recipes.

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    Honey is ok if we have with hormonal imbalance?

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    you indian have to say to much but you all are not inshap at all

  8. Amina Alhassan says:

    God bless u fr dis video it's has really help me cus I lost ma period nd all cus of wat u said …..Tank u God bless u

  9. Natuhwera Happy says:

    i have tried so hard to reduce weight en to reduce my appetite but all in vein plizz tell me what to do

  10. Vasya Yatsenko says:

    I bought instruction from Woo&Pep website and I learned about diet much more.

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    is tis wrk and cure surely

  13. Sanya Ahuja says:

    did these methods really work???

  14. Sanya Ahuja says:

    did these methods really work???

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