How I lost 8Ibs in 2 weeks drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Heres a video of me explaining how and what I did to lose 8 Ibs in 2 weeks drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. Im not a pro or anything, this is just how it benefits me haha. The after pics are also just after waking up on an empty stomache!

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20 Responses to How I lost 8Ibs in 2 weeks drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Hello Langie says:

    Here’s an update! We ain’t done yet.. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer them to my knowledge!

  2. H N says:

    I only want to lose weight in my lower stomach area not my thighs or ass. Do you think this will do that or will i lose weight everywhere?

  3. surumi sumi says:

    Hi i have tryroid so i take medicine in empty stomach in early morning …. Whch time is best for to take acv in warm water….?

  4. Aahna Aditi says:

    Please do a 1 month update 😊❤️

  5. J Perez says:

    You are so real I’m not even half way through the video & im a new subbie! ❤️

  6. Catherine says:

    does it help removing love handles ?

  7. Catherine says:

    does it help if you mix it with honey to make it better ?

  8. Ng YouQian says:

    Apple cider vinegar > kale smoothie anytime

  9. Marie Antoinette says:

    I just do a shot with lemon juice and honey it’s so easy to just get it over with and have fresh water to chase it

  10. kimberlyy navarro says:

    do you need to add lemon ?

  11. Meggian Odonahue says:

    Do you have to use lemons? Or can you also use lime?

  12. Lara Afonso says:

    Hi, I’m also currently doing the ACV diet but how long do I have to wait till I eat breakfast after drinking ACV, an hour?

  13. Addy’s World says:

    if u use a different brand of acv is it ok?

  14. Emmaa Ross says:

    My stomach was in pain after I drank it once 😂😩

  15. KillerPanda8484 says:

    anyone who is new to trying this & doing the same ingredients as her & STILL experiencing bad taste. USE GROUND CINNAMON!! you still taste the acv of course but i put 2 dabs of cinnamon it in there, with 1 tablespoon of acv followed by 1 tablespoon of my organic lemon juice picked up at fresh thyme & lemme tell you it is SO MUCH BETTER!! i fill up water to the first line on a large starbucks cup 😂 and can do it in all one go 🤪

  16. Emily Li says:

    7:39 the sound effect 🤣🤣 so cute

  17. Suqing Liu says:

    Apple cider vinegar smell like dirty socks

  18. Summer Beauty says:

    why is it bad to just take a shot of it? i’ve been doing that for 2 weeks

  19. Francy Sousa says:

    There you go, girl. If you add two tablespoons of lemonade juice, it will help you for a better test.

  20. Tanushree Chatterjee says:

    Can we add honey to this drink?? Will it be effective

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