Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

Listen up guys- In this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’ we’re learning why belly fat can contribute to a number of health issues, and some great ways to fight it.
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20 Responses to Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

  1. Alyssa Umana says:

    i was watching this hile doing plank

  2. Billy Boys says:

    Rumour has it he banged her after the video and she loved it

  3. Connor Hoovler says:

    Rah devil dog

  4. TheOgFortniteDestroyer_fma says:

    Click bait

  5. Gautam Gotwal says:

    Lol she got a crush on that guy不不不不不不

  6. David Spencer says:

    The close up in his but is kinda awkward ..

  7. FaZe Raven says:

    1 like means 1 push up for me

  8. George 27 says:

    Thats why Im diabetic

  9. How to Lose Belly Fat says:

    Thank you very much.this video includes all information i need.

  10. Devansh Kamdar says:

    Each dislike is 1 minute of cardio.

  11. Kashan SR says:

    What, sleep helps you lose belly fat
    Well I am not a sleepy person
    I only sleep 6 or 7 hours a day

  12. Reagan Cameron says:

    I have experimented with every weight-loss guide and also this weight loss plan Yamz怷k怷 Weebly (Google it) is the one which works for me coupled with their own items to burn fat. I dont feel jittery or feel a crash, I am also not as hungry as I used to. I have burn about 15 pounds since applying this product. .

  13. Vikas mathur says:

    Mam ol tell me how I can increase satima at home

  14. Mokonachan92 says:

    I wish I had find out the Yamz怷k怷 Weebly (Google it) years ago. I burned 12 pounds in 3 weeks up to now. Needless to say I exercise a couple of times a week, and also eat well. The effect shown to me is astounding. I surely encourage the product, hope it works as good for you as it does for me. .

  15. Fat Loss Tip n Tricks says:

    Wow, Well That us amazing. Having such a workout will always help to reduce extra fat from the body. Not just men but women have also faced such belly fat issue throughout their life. In fact, I was one of them but last year, I gave a try to an amazing FAT BURNING RECIPE which helps me to reduce 10lbs in just 30-50 days. I've made a video about food. You can check the video in my YouTube channel.

  16. Jagraj Randhawa says:

    I think this video is quite beneficial

  17. Frankie Jacob says:

    I have been using this weight loss program Yamz怷k怷 Weebly (Google it) for several days right now and so far I like them! They give me lots of energy as well as control my desire for food, but I don`t crash when they wear off which I really like, and they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did nothing special on my very own diet plan and i also still find a way to get rid of my bodyweight to 7 pounds. .

  18. Maria Beasley says:

    Man he's right about sleep but it sucks that he's right cause I've had major sleeping problems all my life

  19. Kaykay Mixxiee says:

    tht 2nd one is weird lol u sure thts exercise

  20. Brr says:

    Each like is 10 minutes of jumping jacks and running

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