Full day Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Breakfast, Lunch, Protein Shake, Dinner for Fat Loss Alphalite

In this video I will share with you the full day eating diet plan For fat and weight loss. Along with every meal I’m going to specify about the meal as well. The whole meal is home made using the natural food With just one supplement which is whey isolated protein supplement.

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20 Responses to Full day Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Breakfast, Lunch, Protein Shake, Dinner for Fat Loss Alphalite

  1. baby love.com says:

    Healthy and testy breakfast recipe for weight loss

  2. siddh sanghavi says:

    I think in middle voice and loosing are different🤔🤔

  3. Kuldeep Vats says:

    apna to kar le moti

  4. Farjina Khatun says:

    Who thought that her voice is not real at last minute.

  5. Aparna Debnath says:

    This video started at 2:29

  6. stefano nutini says:

    My mates at work have tried also this specific “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) fat loss plan and were able to trim more than 13lbs. Some people told me Google it and look at it too. Immediately after I tried the program, I have shed 15 lbs. .

  7. Muskaan Pandey says:

    Mam I am from nepal. And the shake powder is not available here. So please can you suggest me alternative. I would be greatful

  8. Adya Srivastava says:

    Video starts at 2:28
    Thank me later😉😎

  9. Amit Verma says:

    Can i take in hot water…..i dont like milk….

  10. uzma khan says:

    Will try this and will update you for sure 😊

  11. simply happy girl Anny says:

    Mam ek video Nursing job kornewali…..Nurse k upar banaye…….plzzz plzz mam

  12. Zohra Jamani says:

    Ye diet plan kitni calories ka hai

  13. Arshia Dsilva says:

    Can we have paratha

  14. Ronnie James says:

    When i had seen this fat loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” via Google, I felt fired up to test it instantly. I was extremely ecstatic. My own friend shed 10 lbs just after this unique weight loss program, I really advise you check out Google to discover how. .

  15. Arya aryan says:

    Myto roti hi khati hu

  16. Arya aryan says:

    Curtain myry yaha bhi same h

  17. Aditya Banasude says:

    I lost 9kg in 3 months and I followed my own diet. Main thing that I learnt that you need to keep your calories in count. Before I used to consume around 2000 plus calories in a day. later when I got to know that an average person should eat 1500 calories to maintain their weight, 1200 calories to reduce weight and 1800 plus calories to gain weight. Just keep your calories in count and avoid eating a lot of rice and maida. If anyone wants to know my simple diet plan, feel free to comment here.

  18. Worldlf says:

    How one women discovered the female fat loss code missed by modern medicine and lost 100+ibs by using a simple 2-step ritual that guarantees shocking daily weight loss.. if you want to know more comment info below or visit this link

  19. Aditi Pai says:

    Nice video..diet plan is healthy one..good u r not promoting crash dieting

  20. Marotrao Panchal says:

    दीदी, वजन कैसे बधाये इस पर व्हिडिओ बनाईये ना 🙏

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