Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

Dr. Oz explains the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, a diet plan that’s protein-fueled to help you rev up your metabolism and shed pounds.

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20 Responses to Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

  1. Chota Vlog says:

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  2. Fit Food Review says:

    Rapid weight loss??? Why does it have to be rapid?? It’s not sustainable. Snake oil salesman. Terrible!!

  3. sultan shah says:

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  4. Merve Öztürk says:

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  5. Wired Tv says:

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  6. abduo hamzza says:

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  7. Dwight Jr says:

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  8. lucky says:

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  9. Katelyn Rodrguez says:

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  10. Boo Boo says:

    Exercise stay away from fast foods don’t eat anything that comes out of the can and don’t eat before bed..Don’t really need this goon telling me how to do anything especially when the video is completely useless and so are celebrity doctors. Just another way to push products and bullshit info. 🙄

  11. Person Something says:

    I found out the best way to lose weight is by getting sick and not have an appetite😅😅

  12. Okoye Ogo says:

    Please, what re d procedures?

  13. #D.J.M# Rúlêz says:

    He looked so weird! Samurai!!!!

  14. lara perrodow says:

    Carbohydrates are needed for a source of energy, they may not be healthy if eaten with every meal but it's advised to have carbs with at least one meal a day, preferably for breakfast before working out as this works as your source of energy to push you through, overall to lose weight just don't eat junk food and exercise more lmao. HIIT cardio is the best type of workout for people looking to lose weight because it raises your heart rate to its maximum and allows you to lose more than just doing circuit training. there's no "plan" to losing weight it's simple and all about self control.

  15. A BETTER ME says:

    I can fast half the day and eat grass fed butter to lose 9 lbs this is dumb

  16. A BETTER ME says:

    Ok wait a minute that fat chick thinks she only needed to lose 20lbs hahaha

  17. Kelly Taylor says:

    This video isn't helpful at all. Guys, replace all the food that you know is unhealthy, sugary or oily. Remember, you will only lose weight when you are in caloric deficit. For health wise, take in more vegetables and some fruits. Fruits do contains lots of sugar too, so i would suggest you to cut down on starch and carbs if you decided to take in more fruits. I've tried Keto, Atkins Diet, counting calories… i would say that all diet plans works IF ONLY your demanded lifestyle allows it. Counting calories, packing food for the week, and eating container meal every day isn't suitable for my social lifestyle. My work also demands me to meet client on the day basis. I couldn't implement the plans and hence all failed. Keto demanded changes too and eventually that didn't work out either. I eventually lose my 50+ pounds overweight to a simple routine consecutively for 2 weeks by 2 weeks. I'm now healthy, feeling fresh and fit, clean and most importantly, confident in myself. All the best to everyone losing weight!

  18. Hot Products says:

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  19. Chris Clower says:

    This is complete bullshit. It's literally mathematically impossible to lose 6.5 lbs of fat in a week. Let's do the math: You need a 3,500 calorie deficit, over any span of time (week, month, year, whatever), to lose 1 lb of body fat. To lose 6.5 lbs, you'd need a caloric deficit of 22,750 calories. Obviously any food or drink (other than water) you consume offsets this. The average person, with the average activity level, burns 2,000 calories a day naturally — or 14,000 calories per week. This means that if you consumed ZERO calories for an entire week, i.e. ate NOTHING and drank only water, you could lose a MAXIMUM of 4 lbs of fat in that week. That's literally starving yourself.

    To lose an ADDITIONAL 2.5 lbs of fat during that same week, you'd have to burn another 8,750 calories somehow, probably via working out. So let's say you decide to also run on the treadmill somehow without any sustenance due to the fact that you've been starving yourself. You're pushing through all the weakness and extreme fatigue from the starvation and malnutrition and you're going for the gold. How long would you have to run on the treadmill that week to burn off that extra 2.5 lbs? Well, you'll only be burning around 500 calories an hour, so 17.5 hours on the treadmill that week would be required to make that happen. That's 2.5 hours a day, so the treadmill now becomes a literal part-time job for you.

    Bottom line: Dr. Oz preys on stupid people. He thinks you're all retards and he offers bunk clickbait advice to get views on here and on TV. It's all smoke and mirrors and he's more of a witch doctor than a real one.

  20. Dave Kime says:

    The very same man that stole ideas from Dr Eric Berg…allegedly. Dr Eric Berg blows him out of the park!

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