Does Fruit Make You Fat? The Science Behind The Answer

Fruit has gotten a rather bad reputation thanks to bodybuilding and other physique-oriented fitness. But does eating fruit make you fat?

It turns out, in my experience and in all the science I’ve read in my research, it seems actually the opposite is true: fruit helps you LOSE fat.

Fructose, the sugar in fruit, is only converted into liver glycogen. It does not get stored as muscle glycogen. This is where the bad reputation stems from. Bodybuilders love muscle glycogen because it powers skeletal muscle contractions in the body, so they assume this trait of fructose is a bad thing. But it’s not.

Liver glycogen is just as important to our health as muscle glycogen. Liver glycogen is energy used by the brain, central nervous system and other incredibly important organs and functions in the body.

The benefits of fructose may not aid very much in building muscle, but numerous studies on fructose show that it helps immensely in weight loss. Here are just a couple resources, each with links to other resources on the subject:

It also provides our bodies with tons of health-promoting micronutrients at a low-calorie cost. And don’t forget that our primate ancestors primarily eat fruit in the wild. That’s what we evolved from!

So enjoy as much fruit as you like. It’s good for you!

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9 Responses to Does Fruit Make You Fat? The Science Behind The Answer

  1. Neil Davis says:

    Really interesting. I had been going to gym for one Year and lost 4kgs. So tried Keto from January this year and lost 10kgs and happy with that weight now. But never really felt right leaving out fruit. So I’ve just got back into eating more fruit and didn’t realise how much I missed that fibre, sweetness and texture of fresh whole fruit. Always had daily green smoothies on Keto but just taste so much better with at least 1 banana. Enjoying the journey of developing body with your videos. I’m 61 and feel great so thanks from New Zealand.

  2. Herbivore Challenge says:

    Plant based and excellent quality beginner calisthenics tutorials. I have never clicked so quickly on the sub button before! A suggestion for a vid is your basic equipment for a home body weight gym, the paralettes, dip station, door pullup bar and homemade backyard pullup bar etc.

  3. Joy Lauper says:

    Love your channel! I hope it grows more

  4. Maaifoedie De La Rey says:

    The fact that bononos are 98 % identical to us, is true enough, but is meaningless : Most of that 98 % is so-called 'junk DNA', which practically all living beings share – for example the fruit-fly shares about 70 % of our DNA – and we're obviously nothing like a fruit-fly (well, most of us aren't 🙂 . As far as fruit goes, it's inherently healthy (fibre, nutrients etc) for a person with correct weight and body fat % (not overweight / does not have excess body fat, especially visceral fat / does not have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (which you will have if you're significantly obese – under these circumstances, you should avoid eating any fruit (let alone fruit juice) until your body fat % is back under control – reason : Fructose goes directly to the liver, which you'd be trying to clean from excess accumulated fat.

  5. Coyote Fischer says:

    Thank goodness! A fitness youtube channel where I don't have to hear lectures about eating bacon three times a day for protein. Like the channel 👍

  6. Vasu Bhushan says:

    Hey Ryan! Love the work you are doing on youtube. I am currently reading a book called Sapiens- A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. I read there that Chimps are not our ancestors but humans and chimps had a common ancestor at some point of time. They can therefore be called as our cousins. As far as fruit in our diet is concerned, the human race originally consumed mostly fruit and whatever little animal products it found. The agricultural revolution started around 10,000 years ago and for about the past 200 years, humans have started to earn money and buy food. This period has led to ruining of our naturally acquired food habits and has led us into eating junk. The health effects and falling quality of health can easily be seen. Fruits and other plant based foods are indeed the most natural and healthy foods for us! Kudos to the informative video you have made.

  7. Danger Darth says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I've seen so many conflicting opinions on this! It sounds like the fiber slows down and helps regulate blood sugar, but I'm not entirely sure how this works! Your citations really helped me figure out the details!

  8. Emily Gruber says:

    Love the science in this video! Learned some new words too 🙂

  9. Jounelli Oliver says:

    hey I seen your barstarzz review and I'm thinking about doing is it worth and should I buy it.

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