DIEt – Short Film

Sometimes a crash can destroy a relationship. And at time, can lead to death….

A short film about the self destructive nature of humans in the quest to conform to the prescribed standard of ‘beauty’.

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20 Responses to DIEt – Short Film

  1. Anna Modiga says:

    most of the comments: she's not even don't have to be fat to have an eating disorder, and you don't have to be skinny to have an eating disorder. I'ts a mental illness, it doesn't depend on your body type

  2. Farhana Firoze says:

    🤔😬😬what rubbish video😂

  3. Fnoo feriel says:

    I'm not fat but the others cmnts …💔 i'm sick of this

  4. Aleah 65 says:

    Stop touching your god damn face jesus not only you smoke si it makes you fat YOUR FACE WILL BE DISGUSTING !

  5. SpillTheTae OverMySugaKookie says:

    One day I’ll be able to stop calorie counting. One day I’ll stop over analysing my body. One day I’ll be able to focus on the positives of my body rather than dwelling on the negatives. One day I will be able to actually go out with friends and family without worrying about eating too much or gaining weight. One day I won’t be isolated and will be surrounded by those who love me. One day I won’t be disappointed or upset about the number on the scale. One day I will never have to put my hand down my throat to purge. One day I will be able to eat more than 500 calories per day. One day I won’t feel the need to exercise just because I feel like I’m fat.

    Whoever is reading this, I hope you can do the same too 💜

  6. JJ Unique says:

    Man… I wish i had your body.. Im fatter and im younger than you sksksksks.. ;-;

  7. Squad Hc2a says:

    Gak ngerti 😂

  8. Vicky says:

    Songs name ?

  9. Ezra Fix says:

    title – DIEt

    me – sUrE

    i’m sorry i just thought of that when i saw the lower case “T” 😂

  10. Brianna Murphy says:

    Ok it doesn’t happens like this

  11. Spotless Leopard says:

    Good arse and tits.

  12. Rose galaxy xD says:


  13. Iasmim Almiron says:

    Indescritível a sensação de se ver gorda o tempo todo.

  14. Flower Love101 says:

    For me whenever I try to go on a journey to loss fat I end up eating a lot like bingeing😫

  15. Robert J Cotter says:

    I used to be a anorexic as a teen, It felt like a drug when I saw my bones pressing against my skin, I barely ate anything and everytime my mom cooked food for me I'd eat a little bit of it go turn on the sink in the bathroom and vomit like I had the bubonic plague, I gave the rest of my food to my dog and threw the rest of the food in the trash and threw it in the dumpster when my parents were asleep. I started wearing more shirts and hoodies so my mom wouldn't feel my spine, one day she felt my spine and ribs and told me I felt like a skeleton. That hit me like a truck when I heard her say that, and later that day I found a song called "Please Eat" I shed a tear and ate my full dinner that night. I'm proud to say i'm not anorexic anymore. And for all the guys and girls out there just know you can be skinny and fit, that's fine but please don't starve yourself it's not healthy.

  16. Tricia Hutchinson says:


  17. Chelle Belle says:

    All this smoking and exercising with no eating. This is how I ended up with either bronchitis or pneumonia…😒

  18. Alanna The potato says:

    Ok people how she acted pissed you off, get over it please. This is a serious mental illness a lot of people go through. I still am and I feel like absolute shit when I see how you guys just laugh about it. So please keep your annoying ass comments to yourself or just think how it could affect someone beforehand.
    Thank you

  19. Karina Grigoryan says:

    Stop. Touching. Your. Face

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