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  1. Nu Ude says:

    I really love the HCG Diet because it made the shape of my body great. HCG Diet has some disadvantages too because it is not a great source of vitamins and minerals. `'”*`

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  2. Melissa Chiappone says:

    HCG diet is great specially if you combined it with natural fruit juice and vegetable extracts. ”

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  3. Hilton Patanella says:

    These diets gain quickly in popularity when the media hops on board, reporting the new diet fad, the rising number of adopters and testimonials of success from satisfied, slimmed-down believers, including celebrities who’ve lost weight on the plans. But soon enough, reports come out warning of the dangers involved with unusual weight-loss schemes that often involve cutting out much-needed food groups, or eating only a certain food or food group. –

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