boxing best way to lose weight – man drops 100 pounds EsNews

In this video we take a look at the story behind the story.
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13 Responses to boxing best way to lose weight – man drops 100 pounds EsNews

  1. LUCKY SN1PES says:

    He said sum drinking so he's also dehydrating himself also which makes u loose alot of water and sodium

  2. Drop Weight Daddy says:

    Congrats to you Bro. I know it WAS NOT easy. I walked that road too.

  3. Charith Mettananda says:

    The guy holding camera is a f***in tool.

  4. Eduard Crisan says:

    "Hard work and dedication"

  5. AJN81 says:

    i started cko boxing! oh man i sweat like crazy!!

  6. Susan Neeley says:

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  9. ana mil says:

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  10. Read Ahmed says:

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  11. Tommy Gunn says:

    His trainer looks like he got black eyes lol

  12. Edd Diaz says:

    just lowering carb intake will lose you weight

  13. Papa G says:

    looks like he could rock some one with those hands

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