5 HCG Diet Mistake That Can Causes Weight Stalls or Weight Gain

5 thing to check daily to ensure you release fat on the advanced HCG diet.


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20 Responses to 5 HCG Diet Mistake That Can Causes Weight Stalls or Weight Gain

  1. Anastasia says:

    I ate a banana…OOPS. ­čśú I couldn't resist my favorite fruit, I will be on it to stick to allowed fruits!

  2. Andreita Miami says:

    Ph 2 coconut oil?

  3. willie rosas says:

    well said

  4. Sheryl Perry says:

    Just the support I needed. After 3 years this is my 2nd go on the HCG drops. Trying to focus!

  5. candelaria onyeabor says:

    Hi do you sell HCG? what companies do you recommend? I just started & purchased e- HCG
    From AnuMed health food store $75 is this a good company?
    Thank you

  6. mega box says:

    very informative video, im
    on my phase2 day12 im very depressed! i follow the protocol but still i gained .4 pounds , and also very difficult to have a poop.. help me pls ­čśč

  7. Erika Rodriguez says:

    Thank you! I needed this exact message (love when that happens)! This is my first hcg journey. I am a little bit of a rebel so I had to learn the hard way that slight deviations matter. I am at the end of my second week and have only lost 7 pounds but I my body is shrinking ..I do hot vinyasa which you basically ┬áconfirmed exercise is recommended! I am now feeling better than ever about continuing, but adhering more strictly to the protocol. My "cheating" consisted of sugar free creamer in coffee and a cocktail on then weekend…but I think it really mattered. Namaste

  8. Edixa Sanchez-Pacheco says:

    What is phase 1 , what is phase 2 and so forth?

  9. Dr Patrick Zegers says:

    colin what do you think about hcg1234 drops? are they real?

  10. Kandice Williams says:

    What is hcg advanced protocol? I'm waiting for my hcg to come in but I'm only aware of the Dr. Simeon protocol.

  11. Vanessa Muise says:

    So what is the product of hcg and where do you get this? thanks

  12. Snyder says:


  13. Alejandra Ruvalcaba says:

    Would you recommend Herbalife shakes (with protein) while on the injections?

  14. Myracle Holloway-Smith says:

    I'm interested in the HCG, but I was told by the Dr. you can only do 20 mins of workout and it can't be a hard workout because you will sweat the HCG out of your body. And the Dr. said you cannot lift weights. I'm used to working out hard and doing HIIT workouts and running hills, burpees and weights. Please give me some feedback.Thank you in advance.

  15. Royal Cab says:

    Hi just saw this….will be sharing your channel.

  16. David Lee says:

    Can you take DMSO while doing the protocol

  17. Kiria Cruz says:

    Hi! I am on a group and they say not to workout. I want to workout a bit but I am scared of gaining.

  18. Black Beard says:

    how many cycle days 23 on & … also does it work with a ketosis diet?

  19. Sheri Balkus says:

    HI Colin .. I want to have a scotch and water ..when?

  20. wizzy1love says:


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